Plague by Hate Unbound – A Comment


Out next Friday, February 17th 2017, is Plague by Hate Unbound via Inverse Records.

A death/thrash metal band from Detroit, Michigan, USA, Hate Unbound are touring this spring with a new album called Plague which is a heavy load of brutal thrash and heavy beats.

A really good album if you’re into the death/thrash style; well produced, with a real killer distortion and great vocals, Plague by Hate Unbound can be sampled in the following Bandcamp widget.



Spread The Plague Tour 2017:
4.-13 New Haven, IN
4.-14 Chicago, IL
4.-15 Milwaukee, WI
4.-16 Des Moines, IA
4.-17 Peoria, IL
4.-18 St. Louis, MO
4.-19 Nashville, TN
4.-20 Louisville, KY
4.-21 Pittsburgh, PA
4.-22 Cleveland, OH
4.-23 Toledo, OH


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