‘Execration Diatribes’ by Pestifer – A Comment


Out today, February 14th 2017, is ‘Execration Diatribes‘ by Pestifer via Lavadome Productions.

A death metal trio from Portugal, Pestifer delivers a solid album with ‘Execration Diatribes‘. In the likes of old Morbid Angel, ‘Execration Diatribes‘ is an album that is as aggressive as it is melodic.

Execration Diatribes‘ is Pestifer‘s first full-length album but the band exists since 2000.

Recommended to fans of old-school death metal and fans of European death metal,’Execration Diatribes‘ by Pestifer is available on Bandcamp.


LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/PESTIFERofficial/
BUY: http://store.lavadome.org/

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