‘Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal’ by Czar – A Comment


Out last January 21st 2017 was Czar‘s self-released album ‘Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal‘, now available in digital format.

A progressive noise act from Tacoma, Washington, USA, Czar shares with us their weirdness with a fantastic 46-minutes album that does not fit necessarily into extreme metal but still shreds and screams.

With refreshing riffing and musicality, Czar is a must to have in your playlist. If your into Mr. Bungle and Faith No More your gonna love ‘Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal‘ by Czar. Else have a listen. Available on Bandcamp.


BUY: https://czar.bandcamp.com/album/life-is-no-way-to-treat-an-animal

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