Last September 12th 2016, was released Epitaphs by Obscure Sphinx, a powerful progressive post-metal.

Led by the voice of Zophia and the rest of the Polish act, the first listen of Epitaphs is as intriguing as inspiring. A truly flame of passion and warfare inflames the band to produce a unique sound with strong vocals and truly music craftsmanship.

Of course, after a second and third listen we are intrigued of any other production from Obscure Sphinx, only to find out that this third instalment is preceded by two previous albums, Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual and Void Mother, all in the same vein with high quality music and fabulous vocals by Zophia.

What to say more? Go add the three albums to your playlist right now; you’re missing something. My flavour of the month: Obscure Sphinx.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/obscuresphinx/ BUY: https://obscuresphinx.bandcamp.com/album/epitaphs