Out this Friday November 18th 2016 is Distant Sun‘s ‘Into the Nebula‘ via Metalism Records.

A Russian band that must have done some Megadeth covers in the past, and if it hasn’t, it should have – If you’re into Megadeth’s thrashy sound you’ll be at home with Distant Sun.

With a voice like Dave Mustaine, Alexey Markov of Distant Sun plunges us, with his band mates, into a style that resembles a lot to Megadeth.

I kind of enjoy the album as Mustaine is one of my idols. So what else from Distant Sun? Well the songs are cool and catchy and if your into old school thrash and a fan of Megadeth, you’ll find joy listening to ‘Into The Nebula‘ album by Distant Sun. Available on Bandcamp.