Out last December 24th 2016 was ‘Banging on the Pentagram‘ by Evil Force via the Witches Brew label.

A thrash/speed metal act from Asuncion, Paraguay, Evil Force was founded in 2005 with acoustic guitars and book covers and a bed mattress as the drums. Things got eventually more serious and a decade and two full-length releases later, they got signed with Witches Brew label and a few months later ‘Banging on the Pentagram‘ was released.

Evil Force delivers an 80s old-school thrash/speed metal style that can be obscured by the other bands of the same style, but what catches our attention with Evil Force, is their talent to write the style with melody and good tempo. The riffs are catchy and the production delivers for the format.

Recommended if your into old-school thrash/speed metal. Available on Bandcamp.