From Ukraine comes Тринадцатый Бубен or Thirteenth Tambourine with their new first full-length album Болотный Угар or Marsh Madness.

Being released today, August 2nd 2016, the Marsh Madness album presents us a folk/pagan death metal band; giving us a refreshing production where some instruments not common to metal are used and cheering vocals are combined to enlighten our ears and bring diversity to one’s metal collection.

Active since 2010, the band, a four member set, from Berdyansk, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, has been creatively at work the last years to give us Болотный Угар (Marsh Madness), a must have album for all world metal fans.

Hoping they’ll have a Bandcamp entry soon so we can stream their album, for the moment you can sample their work in the following YouTube video.


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