153-1Out last June 15th 2016 was released ‘Demonic Inquisition‘ by Grotesque Ceremonium via Satanath Records and More Hate Productions.

A band from Ankara, Turkey, Grotesque Ceremonium began as a solo project which led to a self-released tape, ‘Blasphemous Goat Observance‘ and led to ‘Demonic Inquisition‘ first full-length album release.

Particularly centered around old-school death metal with Satanic themes, ‘Demonic Inquisition‘ relates its lyrics to medieval history of a demonic inquisition.

You can find Grotesque Ceremonium on Bandcamp for streaming and buying the ‘Demonic Inquisition‘ album and the ‘Blasphemous Goat Observance‘ EP.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/grotesqueceremonium BUY: https://grotesqueceremonium.bandcamp.com/ LABEL: http://www.morehate.com/ AND http://satanath.com/