Out March 25th 2016 was ‘Backwoods Bloodshed‘ by Fetal Autopsy via Meathook Records. A one man band, Ray Bell from Oklahoma City; he got to produce a well recorded death metal album with some fine catchy and rhythmic songs as we usually like them.

With ‘Left To Rot‘, ‘Dennis The Menace‘, ‘Mummified Putrefaction‘ and ‘Awaiting The Slaughter…‘, he achieves with musicality and pounding aggressiveness to put down memorable tunes. Along with some speech sampling here and there, he gives us a fine death album that should also reach the general metal fan base.

Even though you will find Fetal Autopsy on Soundcloud, you will find most of his albums on Bandcamp as the following streaming of ‘Backwoods Bloodshed‘ that I invite you to listen and buy.