cover‘The Rise Of The Fallen King’ by Pit Of Carnage is coming out today, August 3rd 2016.

A solid album with good riffs and solid vocals is what Pit Of Carnage presents to us with their second full-length album‘The Rise Of The Fallen King’.

Although the members of Pit Of Carnage are only a duo, the Danish band doesn’t give us the impression of their limited act. Reaching a high level of professionalism, Peter Juelsgaard (bass) and Benjamin “GoreDrummer” (guitars, vocals, drums) gives us an impressive ten song packed album that is sure to please death metal fans.

Judge it by yourselves with the following streaming. As usual don’t be shy to encourage them and buy the‘The Rise Of The Fallen King’ album by Pit Of Carnage; available today on Bandcamp and through CDN Records Webstore.