048_1Out February 27th 2016 was an interesting split album from two Costa Rican band: ‘Bringers of Delusion‘, featuring Assailant, a thrash metal act, and Ubiquitous Realities, a death metal band; album launched via Symbol Of Domination Productions and Cavan Records.

For the first half, Assailant brings amazing solos and fast rhythmic riffs that paves the way for the second part, led by Ubiquitous Realities, where they shred the rest of the album tearing everything down in guttural madness and terrific doom.

From two of the most promising metal acts from Costa Rica, expect a really powerful album full of talent and marvellous destruction. Listen for yourself with the following Bandcamp streaming widget and buy.

LIKE Assailant: http://www.facebook.com/assailantcr LIKE Ubiquitous Realities: http://www.facebook.com/ubiquitousrealities LABELS: http://www.facebook.com/symbolofdominationprod AND http://www.thecavanstudio.com/