Out last October 25th 2016 was self-released Heta by Krokmitën.

An experimental death metal act from Montreal, Canada, Krokmitën has released two previous full-length album that is in the same vein as Heta. Being the shortest of the three albums, Heta is a concept album in where the premise of the album goes like this: “[…] In their quest to prove the existence of the elusive H particle and to know more about dark energy and dark matter, 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries gathered together to build the largest single machine our world has ever seen; a gargantuan particle collider powerful enough to create and disrupt stars on galactic levels. Little did they know that they were ripping apart the very basic structures of space and time, thus allowing an unknown insidious force to slither through and tap into the population’s most primal instincts, to violently unleash them and ultimately lead mankind to extinction!”

And more, Heta and the previous two albums are totally free! Visit Krokmitën‘s website to download them and feast on these wonderful albums. A must in your playlist!