Out today, Thursday December 8th 2016, is ‘Devoured By Damnation‘ by Kratornas via Grathila Records.

Essentially a death metal album, Kratornas is the brainchild of Zacharias who, prior immigrating to Canada, has had a really rough life in the Philippines where having a passion for metal was not easy and launching a proper album was also difficult prior to ‘Deavoured By Damnation‘.

Now, Kratornas can exploit all their talents to share with us their aggressive music and ‘Devoured By Damnation‘ is the best way for us to discover it. A well produced album, ‘Devoured By Damnation‘ is a well written album where influences of old Sepultura along Deicide can be found to please death metal fans.

A good album to have in your playlist, ‘Devoured By Damnation‘ by Kratornas can be found on Bandcamp.