Out last April 15th 2016, was “Death’s Withered Chants” by Nazghor via Satanath Records and Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

A black metal act from Sweden, Nazghor is the order below the government of Tartaros and it is the legion of Satan Soldiers of the throne of darkness.

Besides that, they are a quintet of cool dudes who do great black metal and “Death’s Withered Chants” is their fifth full-length album. The production is good and they play with melody and powerful vocals.

For fans of black metal in the veins of Watain and Dissection, “Death’s Withered Chants” by Nazghor is available on Bandcamp.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/nazghorofficial/ WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/user/nazghorblack