Digipak 6P 1CD

Out today, Friday November 4th 2016, is ‘Exta Malorvm‘ by Nebrus via Razed Soul Productions.

A doomish black metal band from Italy, Nebrus is in fact a duo of Mortifero, which does most of the instrumental side of the tracks, and Noctuaria doing the vocals.

Exta Malorvm is Nebrus‘ second full-length album, the first one released in 2012 with good criticts.

Although in the veins of DSBM, Exta Malorvm is somewhat a good album with good vibes and dark themes. For fans of black metal, you can find Exta Malorvm by Nebrus on Bandcamp.

ORDER: https://nebrus.bandcamp.com/ LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/NEBRUSband/