narvik-ascension-to-apotheosisAfter a first album, Triebe nach der Endlichkeit, and two EPs, Snake Of Paradise and Fecundity Of Death, Narvik are back with a new album: Ascension To Apotheosis.

Not necessarily a killer album but we sense the band’s full potential for future releases. In my opinion, what’s missing from this album is some simpler melodic atmospheres that will make you hum when you’re not listening the tunes.

If you’re a die-hard fan of black metal you won’t be deceived and might be better pleased than me. I’m more inclined to whistle some metal songs when doing my laundry, so it is harder to do it when songs are as complex as in this album.

Ascension To Apotheosis is an album that necessitates more than one hearing to get the hang of it. Songs are a mix of Germanic technicality with Scandinavian inspiration which renders into a complex set of songs.


Visit for more info on the band and the upcoming album. Ascension To Apotheosis is to be released May 27th, 2016. Distributed by Folter Records and Alive.