052_1Out last March 18th 2016 was released ‘Im Fallen Verlaufen‘ by Endlos via Symbol Of Domination Productions and Narbentage Produktionen.

Essentially a black doom metal album, ‘Im Fallen Verlaufen’ is an album aggressive and gloomy where desperate melodies and shrieking vocals give an athmosphere of melancoly and depression.

For fans of the style and other ears curious to the style, the album is appreciable in its entirety.

Endlos is a German duo where they share their talent in ‘Im Fallen Verlauchen‘. You can find the album ‘Im Fallen Verlaufen‘ by Endlos on Bandcamp.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/AllesIstEndlos/ BUY: https://allesistendlos.bandcamp.com/ AND https://symbolofdomination.bandcamp.com/album/sodp052-endlos-im-fallen-verlaufen-2016 LABEL: https://www.facebook.com/SymbolOfDominationProd/ AND http://narbentage.de/