Out last April 27th 2016 was released ‘Sacro-Kvltvs Dementis‘ by The Unhuman Thorn via Symbol of Domination Production and .

A blackened death metal one-man project from Chile, The Unhuman Thorn‘s ‘Sacro-Kvltvs Dementis‘ is the second full-length album which is a higher production of its previous efforts and ‘Sacro-Kvltvs Dementis‘ is yet the most extreme album of The Unhuman Thorn.

A well recorded album with interesting riffs and good blast beats in the vein of old Old Man’s Child, ‘Sacro-Kvltvs Dementis‘ will please death metal fans along black metal ones. You can find the album on Bandcamp.

BUY: https://symbolofdomination.bandcamp.com/track/sacro-kvltus-dementis LIKE: http://www.facebook.com/theunhumanthorn.chile LABEL: http://www.facebook.com/symbolofdominationprod AND http://www.facebook.com/baserecordproduction