‘The Age Of Aquarius’ by Gloomy Grim – A Comment

151-1Out last June 6th 2016 was Gloomy Grim‘s ‘The Age Of Aquarius‘ album via Satanath Records and MurdHer Records.

Essentially a symphonic black metal album, Gloomy Grim uses also thrash metal and death metal to spice up the album which is well produced and interesting to listen.

Gloomy Grim started in 1995 in Finland as a one-man project and developed into being a band that led to five full-length releases and a period of silence before they came back with ‘The Age Of Aquarius‘.

Using the theme of horror expect to be transported from song to song into a whirlwind of fantasy and agony. You can find Gloomy Grim on bandcamp.


LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/AgathonTheBeast/
BUY: https://satanath.bandcamp.com/album/sat151-gloomy-grim-the-age-of-aquarius-2016
LABEL: https://satanath.bandcamp.com/ AND https://www.facebook.com/MurdHerRecords/

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