‘Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil’ by Coldblood – A Comment


Out last June 16th 2016, was released Coldblood‘s ‘Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil‘ via Satanath Records and Metallic Media.

The band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, features a old school death metal style. Formed in 1992 and having on and off existed through out these years are back with a third full-length album, which is their best one until now.

Having extensively played in Brazil and Latin America, they are now geared up to promote their new album. In the style of latest Deicide albums, if you’re a fan of them, you shouldn’t be deceived by Coldblood‘s ‘Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil‘.

You can find Coldblood‘s ‘Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil‘ on Bandcamp.


LIKE: http://www.facebook.com/coldblood.officialpage
BUY: http://coldblood-deathmetal.bandcamp.com/

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