‘Afrodisiacum Der Vroomheid’ by Orewoet – A Comment


Out September 16th 2016 was Orewoet‘s ‘Afrodisiacum Der Vroomheid‘ via Heidens Hart Records and Amor Fati Productions.

A good debut album for Orewoet, it features a black metal style that is rich in melodic riffs and solid rhythmic tempo.

From the Netherlands, Orewoet played their first show at the ‘Veneration Of The Dead, The Netherlands’ festival this year. We hope to hear more of Orewoet in the near future and may darkness lead them on.

You can stream Orewoet‘s ‘Afrodisiacum Der Vroomheid‘ through Bandcamp.


ORDER: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/afrodisiacum-der-vroomheid
LABEL: www.heidenshart.nl
LIKE: www.facebook.com/heidenshart

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