Schwarzmaler by Pentarium – A Comment


Out this September 9th 2016 is Pentarium‘s first signed full-length album Schwarzmaler available through Boersma Records.

Founded in 2006, they survived through some lineup changes and after some local recognition they went through two self releases; first The Avenger EP released in 2009 and Blood For Blood released in 2012.

Being from Germany, they revolve around some death metal and melodic black metal style although proclaiming themselves as a dark metal band.

Schwarzmaler is an interesting album where melodic synths and catchy riffs go along well, producing a good album that we connect to it immediately. The lyrics are mostly in German as we also like.

Available today, visit Boersma Records and Pentarium‘s Website for more info on obtaining the album. I’ll update this post if there’s any Bandcamp streaming available.


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