‘Our Distopia’ by Martyrion – A Comment


Out today August 26th 2016 is ‘Our Distopia‘ by Martyrion, a band from Cologne, Germany.

Having finished second at two contests in the last few years, they continued to play gigs around Cologne where they kept getting fans and make themselves noticed even more.

Now Martyrion seek your attention with their second full-length album, ‘Our Distopia‘ via Boersma Records. After their previous release, ‘Refugium: Exile‘, which is a rerecorded version of their first full-length album and launched last April 2016, they swim between melodic death, technical death and death thrash, to achieve a real feat up to their talent and release a solid and well executed album.

Listen to the following track, a song featured in ‘Our Distopia‘, available through Boersma Records today.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/MartyrionOfficial/
VISIT: http://www.martyrion.com
LABEL: http://www.boersma-records.com

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