‘In Pulverem Reverteris’ by Antiquus Scriptum – A Comment


Usually I don’t review albums that are poorly recorded. And an artist must know when his recording sucks, and God knows that a lot of recordings in the underground world sucks. Hell, even almost all recordings made by Scott Burns are not really good, but still we all bought the early albums of most death metal bands. It seems that it works that way. But yet, what we retain from that early brutal music is talent. And talent is what we find in ‘In Pulverem Reverteris‘ by Antiquus Scriptum.

A black metal act from Portugal since 1998, Antiquus Scriptum released their third demo’In Pulverem Reverteris‘ in 2000 and Elegy Records repressed that third demo to give us this digital recording version.

Now, for a repress of a tape the sound ain’t that bad. The master might be good. But mostly what we hear is talent, especially in the song ‘Bula Ad Extirpenda‘ where melody and arrangements gives us a thrill to listen to.

So from this album comes the intriguing curiosity to seek more of Antiquus Scriptum discography. And I invite you to get more of Antiquus Scriptum after listening and buying ‘In Pulverem Reverteris‘ through the following Bandcamp widget.


ORDER: http://www.elegyrecords.org/aweb/shop/index.php?

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/AntiquusScriptum/
LABEL: http://www.elegyrecords.org

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