Linux Mint 18 Is Out!

I can’t say enough of this Linux distro but Linux Mint 18 is out and its system is marvelous.

Featuring a few tweaks, new apps and a new theme set; for those looking for a replacement from another Linux distro or from another system, Linux Mint is a fine replacement for anyone.

While I’m usually a Cinnamon user, you can for the moment choose also the Mate Desktop Environement and enjoy the system on your own.

Barelly out from the oven, Linux Mint 18 is sure to please Linux novice users, and even though it doesn’t offer the main stream apps as casual system users might want; Linux Mint 18 will┬áplease the most advanced Computer Science users as it is a fine system to tweak for further advancements and deploy its usage around the globe.

More info on the Linux Mint Website.


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