Gezeteld In Zegeruïnen By Cultus – A Comment


Here’s an interesting black metal album from Cultus: Gezeteld in Zegeruïnen.

This new album is in fact a re-recording of the first full-length album “A Seat In Valhalla” that came out in 2004 and got the attention of a quite a few black metal heads in Europe.

Cultus is the works of one man only, A. aka A. P., a multi-instrumentalist with his participation also in some other bands such as Countess and Heimdalls Wacht.

Although the album is melodic, the lyrics (which I don’t understand not being dutch) are supposed to cover the genre “hateful”.

Here’s an extract of the album featuring the first song:

The album was released on February 10th, 2016 under the Heidens Hart Records Label.

You can listen to the whole album on the label’s bandcamp page:

For more info look into the following links:

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