Cornell & Diehl’s Autumn Evening – A Comment


I really liked my first bowl of this aromatic over a year ago and now I cannot finish my jar.

The aroma of the first 4oz bag I had ordered could be smelled through the mailbox. A really enticing odour of maple along some other condiments that just is too sweet to be ignored. And even though as a pipe smoker you don’t really know what the room note is when you’re smoking, my guess is that it smells pancakes all around; if burning tobacco along with some casing can smell as such.

I’ve smoked about half a pound of Cornell’s Autumn evening in the past year. But for now I can’t stand the idea of having another of such bowl. The Red Virginia Cavendish, which is a processed Virginia which gives it a strong taste and smell when burning, a bit reminiscent like Burley, but it ain’t Burley for sure. Anyway’s, I cannot stand the Red Virginia Cavendish anymore. Its taste is a bit too fake.

For Autumn Evening, Cornell & Diehl’s proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish is lightly cased with a delicate maple flavor for one unique, and widely popular aromatic blend. The smoker will appreciate the taste of fine Virginias while those around will flock to the warm, inviting fragrance.

Novice pipers will like; don’t smoke too much of it…

Available in 2oz, 8oz and 16oz tins and in bulk at

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