Newminster’s No.17 English Luxus – A Comment


I had ordered 8oz of this bulk blend over a year ago because in was on sale at and I was diving into more natural tasting tobaccos.

While I think that any English blend can be almost only distinctive by the quality of their leaves still the wide availability and diversity of such blend make each of them unique.

And Newminster’s English Luxus is such of a unique English blend. Fronting Burleys and Virginias with Orientals in the middle and the Black Cavendish in the background, with the overall Latakia, this blend pleases a lot making it an unforgettable blend to be reached out for more.

A classic English mixture developed from flue-cured African Virginias, black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys and Cyprus Latakia, Newminster’s blend No.17, English Luxus, is a non-aromatic, with a smoky taste that English smokers fancy.

If you’re looking for an English blend that is half full-bodied I suggest that Newminster’s No. 17 English Luxus be tried. It’s been over a year since I smoked some and I still do remember it.

Available in bulk at

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