Cornell & Diehl’s Bayou Night – A Comment


If you’re looking for a great Burley blend with some Perique, take a dive into Cornell & Diehl’s Bayou Night.

Toasty and mellow, it is a great blend for afternoons or evenings. Its Perique presence is mostly noticeable but this blend is nicely balanced placing the main Burley flavours in the middle rows and the Virginia flavours in the background. I didn’t taste the Latakia which it’s supposed to be present. Just a wonderful pipe tobacco for the Perique/Burley lover.

From Cornell & Diehl comes this Scottish type blend of Latakia, Perique, Virginias, Turkish, and Burleys that boasts a heavier Perique component than normally found in a classic Scottish blend. Bayou Night is a full smoke that is surprisingly cool on the palate.

Available in 2oz tins, 8oz tins and in bulk at

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