Cornell & Diehl’s Mountain Camp – A Comment


I was looking for a replacement to Sutliff’s Fox & Hound and I order 1oz of this blend along some others with the same components. This one came close to what Fox & Hound is although Fox & Hound used to be a more smoky and incense like tobacco.

An inverted blend in terms of Perique and Latakia is its cousin Bayou Night. Mountain Camp is more of a Burley/Latakia blend in terms of taste. The smoke aroma is one of rich Burley and Latakia leaf.

Although I’m not a knower of Scottish blends, this one is for sure being kept in my rotation intermitently with Bayou Night.

At the request of an old customer, the folks at C&D took the recipe for Bayou Night and reversed the proportions of Latakia and Perique to create a full English in the Scottish vein. If Bayou Night is perfect for an evening on the bayou, Mountain Camp is a peerless choice for a day spent fishing.

Recommended to English smokers and to Burley lovers.

Available in 2oz tins, 8oz tins and in bulk at

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