The Future Is Here

During the 2016 CES, a lot of stuff has been shown which will be among our next gadgets to be acquired this year. As I have previously mentioned, the main technology that kept me interested in our very close future is the E-Hang 184, a one seat autonomous drone-like vehicle capable of flying for 20 minutes at 100 kmh with a 100 kg cargo. Entirely autonomous, guided by an automated displacement control center, Ehang, the Chinese manufacturer of such vehicle, envisions control centres in every city where guidance systems monitors each of these vehicles. We canĀ imagine paying forĀ a ride across the city within one of these drones as much as for a taxi ride.

Each of these vehicles are for the moment priced at around 200,000$ to 300,000$ which is quite expensive but we can expect, once manufacturing gets on, their prices to drop at about less than a regular car. That’s only if the whole project is viable and possible. If so, building these babies will kick off in full production and having a couple millions of these drones around the world will be an imaginable scene to be expected in our air spaces very soon.




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