F & K’s Black Bayou Mist – A Comment


If you like Dark-Fired Kentucky you’ll love Black Bayou Mist from F & K.

As a relatively new pipe smoker, still, I was expecting some flavourish aspects from such tobacco. A blend of Dark Fired Kentucky, Latakia, Orientals, Perique and Virginia, the main flavour we get from the smoke is the DFK, the Orientals and the Latakia. The tobacco aroma from the bag screams DFK and Orientals.

A sure blend to be continuously in my rotation, still there might be a super English blend with DFK around the corner somewhere to be an even better blend of such components, as I believe there can be.

Black Bayou Mist is a full-bodied Latakia blend made the traditional way. With the best Virginia grade tobaccos, the finest oriental leaves, dark fired Kentucky,a good pinch of Louisiana Perique and of course a good amount of smooth smoky Latakia. A full-flavored F&K blend, but not overly strong. A pleasant, gentle, and cool smoke.

Not recommended for the newbie, sure to please more experienced palates; Black Bayou Mist is a win-win in terms of natural taste. To be discovered and smoked more than once before judging it.

Available in bulk at SmokingPipes.com.

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