Cornell & Diehl’s Super Balkan – A Comment


I find this blend mostly heavy in Orientals, with a good dose of Burley and Latakia with a pinch of Perique.

Mainly a Balkan blend with its heavy presence of Orientals and Burley, I suggest to smoke this blend on autumn afternoons, spring evenings or every morning as a first puff as I like for this type of blend.

It is a similar blend to Sutliff’s Heavy English although with more emphasis on Burley than Virginia.

Super Balkan is mostly a bright flake mixture with Perique, Latakia, and Burley, spiked with high grade Turkish leaf. An even heavier dose of Latakia than found in Atlas Balkan. One of Cornell and Diehl’s oldest blends.

Recommended to English enthusiasts who like to buy in bulk, as I do.

Available in bulk at

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