Out today, January 31st 2017, is Sacrosanct by Epoch via Lavadome Productions.

Originally released in digital format in 2015, Sacrosanct by Epoch is re-released in 2017 in CD format and available in digital format also on Bandcamp.

A death metal act from Belgium, Sacrosanct is Epoch‘s only release yet and a powerful one it is. Well produced, the album is musically inspiring and the vocals are guttural as it can be.

Generally a great album, Sacrosanct by Epoch is specially recorded with talent and innovation. A must to your playlist, you can find it on CD and digitally, as previously mentioned, on Bandcamp.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/Epoch-211652352187902/ BUY: https://epoch616.bandcamp.com/album/sacrosanct