Once in a while there’s an album that comes out and you’ll listen to it the first time and some melody rings in your ears telling you: “Oh boy, I think I have found a good one”. And it happened to me with Hail Spirit Noir’s album “Oi Magoi” which came out in 2014.

Its genre is defined as progressive black metal, but I prefer to name the genre to Progressive Black Rock. Now, I haven’t crossed many other bands that can play this style of music except last year’s Tribulation’s “The Children of the Night“. My bad? No, unluck.

After all, I’m pretty much on my own with some limited channels for accessing music and iTunes, while being a somewhat mainstream channel, is still unavailable on Linux/Ubuntu.

They deliver 7 songs out of which 5 are of genius composition. Here’s The Mermaid which I can’t stop to whistle lately.


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