lulu-metallica-lou-reedLulu by Lou Reed & Metallica. Maybe the best album by Metallica. Maybe. A lot of people dislike it.

Why is it maybe their best album?

When we’ll all be senile, the generation X’s metal fans that is, we’ll all love it and say: “Boy we were wrong!”.

It’s an album for old metal heads – for old pappy metal; which we’ll end up being. An album we’ll all relate to when we’ll hit 60 years old and beyond; in 10, 20, 30 to 40 years from now or so.

Why is it maybe their best album?

Because they’ve put their heart doing it. Doing it for Lou and doing it for music. But they didn’t foresee the album result until it was finished. And maybe, maybe, they thought afterwards that it wasn’t their best album after all. Maybe. But in the future we’ll all keep going to see Metallica and keep buying their albums and then, only then, when they’ll be as old, as the Rolling Stones are now, will we be in gratitude for Lulu.

And we’ll miss Lou.