Out today February 3rd 2017 is the re-issue of Phantasmagoria by The Mist via Greyhaze Records.

Originally released in 1989, Phantasmagoria was the kind of album that had all the potential of propulsion for a band like The Mist to gain worldwide recognition, but didn’t get it for its unluck and mistreatment.

The album got its way as a thrash metal collectors item but it is now made newly available in North America and Europe as in CD and vinyl format, thankfully via Greyhaze Records.

A thrash metal act from Brazil, The Mist is a real gem to find out and any fans of thrash metal will surely pound themselves for not previously having known The Mist. Although The Mist is now a split-up band you can enjoy Phantasmagoria as an alternative to their comrades, Sepultura.

Available through Greyhaze Records Website. Lets hope they make it available on Bandcamp and Spotify.